FH Group Car Seat Covers Full Set Black 3D Air Mesh


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🚘( UNIVERSAL FIT) Oursemi-customized auto seat cover fits most vehicles better than other universal covers in the request. Our design has hook- and- circle attachments for a snug fit, strips in the nethermost seat, and more, for an nearly- customized look
🚘( AIRBAG COMPATIBLE) Our frontal auto seat covers point a special stitching on the side allowing airbag deployment. It’s officially tested, making our covers a dependable auto seat protection.
🚘( CUSTOMIZABLE reverse COVER) This cover is compatible with any split bench and becomes 2 individual covers with the redundant mesh piece. This cover features zippers furnishing full access to the middle armrest. lengthen cover by adding an redundant piece.
🚘( FULL Content) These auto seat covers completely cover the front and reverse of your vehicle’s seats from every single angle so you do n’t need to worry about your kiddies remonstrating and damaging the reverse of your seat.
🚘( HIGH- QUALITY AND DURABLE MATERIALS) Our mesh auto seat covers full set is erected with 3 layers of 3D air mesh, 3 mm padding and mesh fabric, making our covers a dependable and durable auto seat protection.
🚘( WASHABLE Auto SEAT COVERS) These carseat covers are machine washable! Simply remove the auto seat cover, machine marshland, and air sot.
🚘( COMPATIBLE WITH Hotted SEATS) Our frontal auto seat covers are finagled to accommodate traditional and heated seats so that you can gain the stylish comfort during cold downtime days.
🚘( AVAILABLE IN DIFFERENT COLORS) FH Group’s auto seats come in 12 different colors, so you can impeccably match your auto’s style and aesthetic.
🚘( STUNNING DESIGN) Enhance the look of your auto innards with the classic yet swish designs of FH Group’s 3D air mesh auto seat covers. We offer a full set of auto seat covers for women, for men, and everyone!
🚘( COMFORTABLE & DURABLE) Our automotive seat covers are erected to give great long continuing protection while enhancing the comfort of your original seat covers, thanks to the 3- subcaste design of 3D air mesh, 3 mm froth padding, and snare fabric.


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